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Review: The Canal


Film archivist David (Rupert Evans) smells a rat. Maybe it is that his wife, Alice (Hannah, Hoekstra) seems distracted by her business associate, Alex (Carl Shaaban), and seems to be pulling away from David. That could be because she is having an affair with Alex. Then, again, it could be because David is having these recurring dreams of rivers of blood coming out of the walls. Or, it could be that she saw “The Shining” and is afraid her hubby is turning into Jack Nicholson.

In fact, we wish David would turn into Jack, because it takes that kind of raw, unbridled energy to pull together what is otherwise a fairly cheesy, slapped together pastiche of horror show tropes. The actors give it their all and the production values are fine, but the screenplay just is not there. (CONTINUED)

Seth Rogen may play Steve Wozniak

– by ELI COLON – With Christian Bale now firmed up to play Steve Jobs in a biopic (reportedly titled “Jobs”) for Sony, the rest of the cast is starting to come together. Based off the official Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, Aaron Sorkin’s script for the film is not your traditional biopic, and instead […][...]

The Imitation Game: First Clip

– by ELI COLON – While we are still awaiting word on whether or not Benedict Cumberbatch will indeed be playing the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth (aka Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”), what’s probably more important to the “Sherlock” actor is that he could very well be on his way to his first Academy Award nomination. Cumberbatch […][...]

Serena: Official US Trailer

– by ELI COLON – Magnolia Pictures has released the official US trailer for director Suzanne Bier’s drama “Serena.” The film stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, which seems like a slam dunk except for the fact that the film was shot before “Silver Linings Playbook” and has been sitting on the shelf ever since. […][...]

Two TV Spots for Exodus: Gods & Kings

– by ELI COLON – Regardless of whether or not you’re annoyed with the whitewashing of the cast in Ridley Scott’s latest epic, “Exodus: Gods & Kings,” the film is arriving this winter, and plenty of people will go see it, oblivious to the controversy that has been stirring up online. To drum up more […][...]

Interstellar: Clip No. 1

– by ELI COLON – With “Interstellar” finally arriving in theaters next week, the first clip from director Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi adventure has now surfaced online. Nolan wrote the screenplay based on a previous draft by his brother, Jonathan Nolan (“The Dark Knight”), and the story finds a crew of astronauts led by Matthew McConaughey […][...]

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I: Final Trailer

– by ELI COLON – Tickets are finally on sale for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part I,” so if you absolutely have to see the first showing of the movie, then check your local listings and guarantee your seat in the theaters on opening night. In the meantime, Lionsgate has released one final trailer […][...]

First Images from Absolutely Anything

– by ELI COLON – Empire has unveiled the first images from “Absolutely Anything,” and while they really don’t tell us too much about the movie, it’s still nice to get our first look at Terry Jones’ upcoming sci-fi film. Simon Pegg stars as Neil Clarke, a secondary school teacher who is given magical powers […][...]

EW Covers for Terminator: Genisys

– by ELI COLON – The “Terminator” franchise has now been going for 30 years, and it’s going to need a reboot of sorts if it plans to stay alive. Personally, I’d be fine letting it lay fallow or never come back to it again since every sequel diminishes the end of “T2.” But as […][...]

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