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Review: The Water Diviner


Russell Crowe comes out swinging with his narrative fiction feature directorial debut but fouls out as this war story drops off the deep end into the irretrievably maudlin. Screenwriters Andrew Knight and Andrew Anastasios are partly to blame, but Crowe should have known better.

The setting is Australia circa 1915, on the eve of the dreadful battle of Gallipoli. Russell Crowe plays Connor, a hardworking man of the earth, divining a living out of the parched and unforgiving Australian outback. He lives with his three sons who, like Connor, are the salt of the earth, and his wife Eliza (Jacqueline McKenzie) who is dedicated to her husband and sons. World War I is beginning “outside” and the boys are enthralled with the romance, adventure and heroism of war. (CONTINUED)

Jem and the Holograms: Official Trailer

— by JESSIKA OWENS — One of the most important things to me when looking at a film is the music. Of course, the cast and crew are the first things I look at and are what ultimately decide my excitement factor for a film, but the music is a vital piece of that puzzle. […][...]

Alicia Vikander in talks for two movies

— by ELI COLON — Alicia Vikander, for those unaware, is a Swedish actress who had done fine supporting work in films like Joe Wright’s “Anna Karenina” and “The Fifth Estate” before popping up on many film-goers’ radars with her turn as the artificial intelligence being known as Ava in this year’s acclaimed sci-fi drama/thriller […][...]

The Martian: First Images

— by ELI COLON — Two of the principal players in the upcoming “The Martian” — director Ridley Scott and star Matt Damon — are arguably at a point in their careers where they need a comeback project to reaffirm why they’re bona fide Hollywood A-listers. The former is coming off divisive films like “Prometheus,” […][...]

Cary Fukunaga exits Stephen King’s It

— by ELI COLON — “True Detective” season one director Cary Fukunaga has been attached to a big screen take on Stephen King’s “It” novel for a few years now. The project appeared to be picking up steam in recent weeks, as it lined up Will Poulter (“We’re the Millers”) to play monstrous Pennywise the […][...]

Jurassic World: A Look Inside Featurette

— by ELI COLON — The park reopens next month when “Jurassic World” hits theaters, and Universal Pictures knows it has a potential blockbuster, so the marketing is wisely using the audience’s nostalgia for the original “Jurassic Park” in the new film’s favor. The John Williams score, Steven Spielberg’s enthusiasm, Chris Pratt’s fandom — it’s […][...]

Fantastic Four: International Trailer

— by ELI COLON — Josh Trank’s new “Fantastic Four” has been mired in controversy since the start. First there was pushback from fans for casting younger actors in the lead roles, as well as making Sue Storm and her brother Johnny adopted siblings. Then there were rumors about reshoots, because supposedly 20th Century Fox […][...]

Reese Witherspoon to play Tinkerbell in Tink

— by ELI COLON — Disney has been on a heavy trend of revisiting its animated classics in the form of live-action remakes, but the most recent addition is actually the resurrection of a project that’s been in development for years. Back in 2010, Elizabeth Banks became attached to star in “Tink,” a live-action movie […][...]

Amy Schumer sets up her next film

— by ELI COLON — Amy Schumer is about to break out in a big way this summer with her feature film debut in the Universal movie, “Trainwreck” (due out July 17). She wrote the comedy based on her own experiences, then was tapped to lead the movie onscreen with Judd Apatow directing. The film […][...]

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