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Into the Woods: Entertainment Weekly Images

– by ELI COLON –

The other day, we got our first look at Johnny Depp’s Big Bad Wolf from director Rob Marshall’s upcoming musical adaptation “Into the Woods.” I already said my piece on how ridiculous Depp looks in that “swing kid” getup. And I’m not surprised to hear this next bit of info of Depp telling Entertainment Weekly that Marshall let him put his own spin on the character:

    Rob Marshall wasn’t afraid to let me take the role to a level of heightened reality, almost cartoon-like, where one second the Wolf is here, and then, boom, suddenly he’s over there.

Nevertheless, the film still has promise with its fantastic ensemble and twisty premise. (CONTINUED)

Interstellar: New Featurette and TV Spots

– by ELI COLON – If you feel like you have seen enough footage from “Interstellar,” and you’ve already made you decision to see the film, I don’t blame you, because I’m “trying” my best to avoid them as well before Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi flick hits theaters in a couple weeks. But if you want […][...]

The Martian: Casting Updates

– by ELI COLON – For a film that primarily focuses on an astronaut (Matt Damon) who is stranded in a Mars colony and struggles to survive, hoping he can last long enough for NASA to organize a rescue mission, there sure seem to be a lot of supporting cast members signing on to “The […][...]

First Teaser for Insidious: Chapter 3

– by ELI COLON – Focus Features has released the first teaser for “Insidious: Chapter 3.” This time, writer Leigh Whannell is stepping behind the camera as director. The latest chapter is a prequel to the first two movies, but still tells the tale of a suburban family that discovers their house is haunted by […][...]

The Last Witch Hunter set for Fall 2015

– by ELI COLON – Next spring, we will see Vin Diesel return along with the late Paul Walker for “Fast & Furious 7” on Apr. 3, 2015, but that won’t be the only film we’ll see the action star leading next year. Lionsgate has announced that Breck Eisner’s fantasy action thriller “The Last Witch […][...]

Patrick Stewart joins Green Room

– by ELI COLON – Jeremy Saulnier is putting together the follow-up to his excellent thriller “Blue Ruin,” and he’s got a cast that makes the film an instant lock to see. Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots and Alia Shawkat all star in “Green Room,” which Saulnier wrote and will direct. But it’s the most recent […][...]

Spaceballs gets Interstellar-style treatment

– by ELI COLON – For fans of “Star Wars,” there are few comedies that bring as much joy as Mel Brooks’ classic spoof “Spaceballs.” From Rick Moranis’ great turn as the villain Dark Helmet to the late Joan Rivers as a scratchy-voiced female version of C-3PO named Dot Matrix, there’s just so much to […][...]

Magician: Official Trailer

– by ELI COLON – Maybe it’s me, but I feel like Orson Welles has fallen away from his perch at the top of the list of the most fascinating American filmmakers of all-time. We’re a couple decades removed from the prominence of the people who kept him in the conversation; other filmmakers have dominated […][...]

Into the Woods: Extended Featurette

– by ELI COLON – Disney has unveiled an extended featurette for Rob Marshall’s adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical “Into the Woods.” The Disney production stars James Corden and Emily Blunt as a Baker and his wife who venture into the woods to confront the witch (Meryl Streep) responsible for putting a curse on […][...]

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